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Herbivore Thanksgiving Recipe Links

For all the herbivores, here are some great recipe sites that have their Thanksgiving menu ideas all locked and loaded for us!

After seeing this list, you can see the adventure I go on when I cook. Lots of eating lifestyles don’t have the full gamut of the needs I like in food. So thankful that God has given me the gift on what and how to modify for my needs! 🙏🤩💛🌈

If you see a recipe you like, and need a modifier ingredient, give me a shout. Would love to help out!

For the carnivores, these recipes would be easy to add ground meat or other meat to these dishes. Also could serve along side your turkey fare for healthy or new options. 🤩

Forks over Knives:

(Well known for no oil food options. Not gluten free)

Whole Foods:

(Some options are not vegan)

Gamechangers Thanksgiving Meals

(These people make fake meat taste amazing, and a host of other amazing plant dishes)

Tag me on social if you try something plant based and/or new for Thanksgiving!




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