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Lip Balm, Body Butter and Dry Shampoo Recipes

It all started with a friend giving me a tube of lip balm that got my wheels turning. Then my lips thanked me after two weeks of using homemade lip balm. Robbie even had blistery lips at the time that ended up getting so much better too.

There are so many recipes for lip balm, so give it a good google before you decide on where the Holy Spirit is taking you on your journey.

Here are some of the benefits of the lip balm ingredients. Knowing what they do for you is a big key to the Holy Spirit activating healing. It's always good to do your homework.


shea butter – anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, mild uv protection

cocoa butter – hydrating, heals chapped skin, fights aging

coconut oil – antimicrobial, skin, hair, and teeth protection

beeswax – soothes irritated skin, firms & plumps skin, eczema fighter

sea buckthorn oil – natural plant-based collagen, immune booster

100% pure peppermint essential oil – smells good & germ fighter


Lip Balm Recipe

2 tbsp organic beeswax

1 tbsp organic cocoa butter*

1 tbsp organic shea butter*

2 tbsp organic extra virgin, cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil


(Optional) 7 drops peppermint 100% pure essential oil

(Optional) 7 drops sea buckthorn or berry oil

Put all ingredients up to the essential oil and sea buckthorn oil in a small sauce pan on low heat until melted completely. Stir in Peppermint and sea buckthorn oil into the pan right before transferring to the containers. Makes around 7 little jars or sticks of lip balm.

*Can use 2 tbsp of cocoa butter if shea butter is not available.


Body Butter Recipe

1/3 c organic shea butter

1/3 c organic cocoa butter

1/4 c organic extra virgin, cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil

1/2 tsp organic beeswax

1 tbsp organic jojoba or sweet almond oil

2 tsp organic arrowroot


(Optional) 1 tbsp raw Manuka honey

(Optional) 1/2 to 1 tsp sea buckthorn or berry oil

(Optional) 15 to 40 drops of 100% pure essential oils.

Dry Shampoo Recipe

2 tbsp organic arrowroot

2 tbsp organic coloring food (dark or red hair: Ceylon cinnamon or cacao; blonds: no extra coloring or add ground ginger)

3 to 7 drops of 100% pure essential oil

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container. Apply starting at the hair roots and spread through the hair. Sprinkle with fingers or use a big brush to blot into the roots.

Play around with the coloring.

Blue Tansy

Its most common use is to calm irritated skin, reduce heat, and relieve delicate or troubled skin. Blue tansy's ability to clear congested pores, kill off pimple-causing bacteria, and reduce redness, make it one of the best oils for acne-prone skin.


Geranium oil is extracted from the entire geranium plant. The uses and benefits of this beautiful plant are highly versatile and are used to boost the appearance of skin and hair. Geraniums are valued in the perfume industry for their floral scent. Inhaling Geranium oil’s sweet aroma can support emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect. The aroma of Geranium oil can also help lessen feelings of stress and calm nerves. The beautifying properties of Geranium oil can be used to promote healthy-looking hair and skin. When applied topically to the body, Geranium oil promotes the appearance of clear skin. The benefits of Geranium oil can also be used on both dry and oily hair to give hair a vibrant glow. Additionally, the strong chemical components in Geranium oil offer a natural way to repel insects.

Balance Blend Oils

(Frankincense, Spruce, Ho Leaf, Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomille, Osmanthus Flower.)


Frankincense is often referred to as the King of Essential Oils because of its powerful health benefits. Frankincense supports healthy cellular function, promotes relaxation and balanced moods, boosts the immune and respiratory systems, and supports smooth, healthy skin.

Ho Leaf

Ho Leaf essential oil is a gentle oil that can help relieve fatigue, soothe the mind and balance the emotions. It is supportive to the immune system and has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also believed to be a mild aphrodisiac.


Black Spruce essential oil is high in bornyl acetate, a chemical component that promotes relaxation and calmness. ... The refreshing aroma of Black Spruce essential oil is often used in aromatherapy to help maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

Roman Chamomile

Isoamyl tiglate—one of the main chemical components of Roman Chamomile essential oil—promotes feelings of relaxation during times of anxiousness or discomfort, especially when used aromatically. You can diffuse it, apply it to pulse points, and inhale it from the hands to aid feelings of serenity and calm.

Osmanthus Flower

Calming and relaxing action, able to bring good mood, counteracts nervous hunger, useful as a cosmetic ingredient thanks to its healing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action to treat irritated skin, cracked skin or with pimples.

The flower of osmanthus, is considered so precious that in ancient times it was used only for the high level perfumery.

Inhaling osmanthus essential oil helps relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, tests have been performed on patients waiting for exams in hospital and the osmanthus fragrance showed a powerful anxiolytic effect (Hozumi et al, Complement Ther Med, Oct 2017).

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