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Living Waters

I have been a good steward of drinking my 16 ounces of water at wake for years. These living waters just recently came into my world. It is incredibly cool how foods have an imprint of where they go in the body. First thing in the morning, we need this desperately to set the body up for incredible digestion! Queuing the liver to send clean blood to our hearts.

There are so many ways to make living waters! You really can’t mess this up!

My go-to living water is so simple. Fill up at least 8 to 16 ozs of water in a mason jar, with a spoonful of raw Manuka honey, and squeeze in half a lemon or ¼ cup of not from concentrate lemon juice (Lakewood brand juice is awesome.) Make it right before you go to bed, and consume right when you wake up!

Here is a great website, with all sorts of flavor mix-ups for your palette:

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