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Operation Use Closet

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by their clothes? I have started feeling this way over the summer. I have lots of clothes, however, I just seem to keep acquiring them.

So in November, I drew a line in the sand and started a project called "Operation Use Closet," complete with a Pinterest board.

It's was time to take a stand against the clothing idolatry going on in my closet. I'm sure my hubby will enjoy more space in there too.

I started taking tips from my pals with their pins on my board. So now, there is less frustration on what to wear. Pinterest makes it so easy to just type in the description of the clothing item and ask Pinterest how to style it.

This has actually been a ball! My closet feels like a clothing store now, that I'm not so lost in anymore.

I am hoping to make it to the Project 333 level some day. I am pretty excited that I have made it down to one tub of clothes for summer. Yay!

Project 333 LINK:

Fe's Pinterest LINK:

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