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Engage and press play with God everyday

I put a post out on Facebook today as a way to have accountability to my trust that God wants us to have our heart's desire daily. He wants us to spring out of bed, take His hand and manage the day together. A lot of us are scared to talk about God in social circles. When He is really there the whole time.

Here is my post...

I listened to a speaker last week that said something that seemed like it shouldn’t be so profound...but it was to me. He said... Are you waking up in the morning saying... “Good Morning God!!!” 🤩🤩🤗 Or “Good God, it’s morning.” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤪

What did you do when you saw that?

Did you roll your eyes...and think...oh great another goodie-goodie for God?

If you did, I hope you will hang in there and not run away from it. Cause God loves you a whole bunch. It's why He has me sticking my neck out there talking to ya all.

The reality is, most times, we are afraid our friends will roll their eyes at us. That social weirdness of talking about God. I get it, I used to be in that circle of friends too. I believed in God, but was afraid people would think I was going to make them attend church. So I jumped on the negative train and complained about the weather with everyone else.

Things seemed to be bumping along just find, until I hit a health mountain top at the age of 40, only to see the valley the next day. So went the process of peeling my ego and self up off the floor. For the next two years, I went about the process of trying to fix myself...alone.

I didn't consult God. I thought it was on me to fix it.

He found me.

He is redeeming me.

He is bringing Heaven back to Earth, one believer at a time.

My story starts and ends with Him. You read this post to the end because God wants us to know each other in some way shape or form. Let's journey together my friends.

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